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Indigo aka Daniel Taylor

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Daniel spins at AZSessions, Winter 2003.

image cia romano 2003

Indigo takes several things with him everywhere he goes: A sense of peace, a realist's eye, an embrace that is genuine, an artistic sensibility that reflects all of those qualities. Affiliated with the Asimetrix crew, Daniel can perform or support his crew with equal love. No ego here. His posters for the String Theory electronica series are lovely and diverse and an extension of the sound he's producing onstage. He is such a good guy that even his hard-bitten Gen X contemporaries pay him ample tribute on Friendster. I try to take Daniel's advice, given late one night during a debate about 9/11: "When something terrible happens, it's your responsibility to go out and do something good to create balance." Words to live, and love by.