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Maggie Golston

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Maggie Golston speaks to John Ashcroft, Fray Tucson, Fall 2003.


Maggie is: Uproariously funny, passionate, driven, provoking you to reconsider just by standing there. She moves in the writer's galaxy with side trips to the musical stage, where she collaborates with the best of the usual suspects. Her bookstore, Biblio (RIP), is a sanctuary salon for the alternative scene, a place friendly to ideas. If you are fortunate enough to hear her tell a story, you will never forget it; she delivered two tours de force in a row at Fray 6 and 7. Which is better -- her Johnny-Rotten-apologized-to-meon-bended-knee story, or the monologue asking John Ashcroft to make sense of life in all its gory detail? Can't decide. I will always remember Maggie at my Day of the Dead party, leading a jaded bunch to sing the chorus for her heartbreaking a capella rendition of "Goodnight Irene." Maggie, don't say goodnight yet.

-- CIA ROMANO, spring 2004