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Marianne Dissard

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Above, Marianne at Solar Culture, April 2006; below, Marianne outside The Cup at Hotel Congress, Summer 2003.

images cia romano 2003

An ironic waif with a will of steel, Marianne Dissard enters and exits in anything from jeans and stilettos to white vinyl, remaining perpetually chic in the edgiest way. Marianne is Naim Amor's longtime artistic collaborator, a performance artist even when she's not on stage. She is a chanteuse of the classic yet postmodern sort; every gesture is simultaneously laced with ennui and passion. Her smoky French vocals do indeed say, "mercí pour ríen."

Marianne's filmmaking includes documentaries and installations (Drunken Bees, Low Y Cool, Petit Interieur). She wrote the lyrics for two Amor Belham Duo albums, continues to contribute to projects here and in France. She's a whirling dervish, slinging out art in many forms.

We say "mercí pour Marianne."