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Flam Chen

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Flam Chen's finale to the All Souls Day parade, Tucson, Fall 2003

images cia romano 2003

Nothing written can adequately convey what a Flam Chen performance is like, when you're right there in front of a symphony of blazing fire manipulated on a large scale by fearless artists. Soulful performance art-meets-fire is a start, but it doesn’t quite capture the span of what the troupe does during one of its shows. Flam Chen uses costumes, puppetry and pyrotechnics to totally immerse the crowd in its own experience. Every show is unique; the performers will dance with fire hoops and fans, battle with flaming swords, spin Balinese fire chains, bungee, fly on trapeze, or perform a host of other awe-inspiring acts. Flam Chen performs internationally at altculture massives, art festivals and everything in between.