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B-boy contest, Skrappy's, Tucson, Winter 2003. The judges look on as a contestant performs.

IMAGE: cia romano 2003

The appropriately named Skrappy's is just that, what some might call a "pit" that's been painted over in a haphazard fashion many times over the years. It's downtown's refuge for the too-young-to-drink crowd. In earlier years it attracted more of a punk following; reflecting the changing preferences of its clientele, it now hosts hip-hop-flavored events with equal good humor. Ran into the veteran sound man in the parking lot. 'What's up, man?" "Eight punk bands," he sighs. Went to the door -- "I'm here to take pictures, is that cool?" -- and got a friendly reception even if I could have been mistaken for an aging hippie mom looking for her errant fourteen-year-old. Went inside and saw a lot of laughing kids having a good time, kids who don't seem to have a lot of money but it doesn't stop them from having a life. I guess the term "disaffected youth" must apply to bored rich kids in the Foothills. The Skrappys' crowd is wide-awake, involved, and affecting.

-- cia romano, spring 2004