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Solar Culture

Solar Culture, Tucson, Summer 2003; a Steven Eye sculpture is in the foreground as the stage crew sets up for a show.



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31 East Toole Avenue, Tucson
WEB SITE: www.solarculture.org

Solar Culture and Steven Eye, its impresario, have provided a safe home for indie acts and artists of the highest quality during the darkest days of the Underground. The space hosts everyone from Calexico to San Francisco's Captured By Robots. Keeping the flame alive when no one paid any attention to downtown, Solar Culture's greatest challenge may lie ahead of it as commercial interests push for real estate. We suspect that its loyal following will come to its defense. Steven Eye's benevolent approach is key; I once asked him how he maintained such high quality in his group shows. Did he personally select the pieces? No, he answered. "People bring their work and when they see the rest of the art on the wall, they themselves choose to hang only their best work."

-- CIA ROMANO, spring 2004


Club denizens 411:

Solar Culture is a performance and gallery space in Tucson's warehouse district; art shows are ongoing with frequent musical guests both local and national. Whne you visit Solar Culture, you feel- and are treated like -- a guest in someone's very groovy home.

Drinks and amenities:

Solar Culture does not provide a bar; patron facilities are minimal. Additional parking is available around the back of the building.

Friendly words of advice:

Plan to be civilized; this place is the antithesis of 4th Avenue frat-boy hangouts, although a couple of them wander in now and then and are converted.

Unique features:

While Steven Eye is extremely low-key about them, his sculptures are exquisite and a good reason to visit all on their own. The main with the large kind eyes and whimsical headdress is Steven.

Past lives:

Not known to this writer, although the space is part of old railroad warehouses.


Steve Eye