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The Zsa Zsas

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The "Zsa Zsas and Roy" show, Halloween 2003, at Club Congress, Tucson (above); The Wheel of Love and show poster (center), front man Milos Sucrose, Plush, Tucson, Valentines Day show "Bermuda Love Triangle," 2003 (bottom).

IMAGES: CIA ROMANO © 2003-2004

"We know every song ever written," promises lead man Milos Sucrose. And the costume-friendly Zsa Zsas go on to prove it, staging maniacal theme shows (see the Wheel of Love, right) combining songs you'd never imagine co-existing in a medley ("That's Amore" and "Whole Lotta Love"). Add inspired revisions ("I want to schtupp you like an animal") and you have the phenomenon that draws diehard fans to every show. Here is a typical communiqu³:

To: zsasZsas@hotmail.com
Subject: Zsas Zsas, PLUSH, FRIDAY!!!
Friday February 14th 2003
Plush Zsa Zsas Present Valentines Night - Bermuda Love Triangle! Join them on the Zsa Zsas Love Boat! Set A Course For Adventure, Your eyes on my underpants!

"OK, Listen up schmucks. I hijack this email because our Zsa Zsa email is down. Screw 'em. Don't write back to this address, he doesn't know I'm using it.

"As everyone knows the Zsa Zsas are Lovers of Love. We love everybody and everything . . . and we have.

"So, we felt compelled to perform on the Night Of Love, Valentines Day -- er, Valentines Night.

"We give you very good show too. Lotsa of love. Love will be in the Air. You will smell it.

"Come as a couple or come as lonely sap that you are. We love you all. We love all of you that pays money to get in, that is.

"We have many special surprises cooked up for you. Too many for you, really. If this wasn't the Night Of Love, I'd say say screw you -- you dont deserve the amazing show you will get from us. I might say that anyway.

"So be at Plush, Friday night. Or don't. I don't really care if you come, but if you have pretty girlfriends you tell them to come. Tell them to be there early because that dive is small and will sell out early. Just like us."

All my love,
Milos Sucrose