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I hope you have started a hall of infamy for all those jealous, self-obsessed Legend wannabes / or kicked them in the nalgas! - CB Spring 2004

Very good to be signed up for the monsoons [monsoon list] ! I love it!
I would be honored to be a scenester, and will shamelessly promote your site for all time. - Tiff, Spring 2004

"Great website! I love it. I couldn't help but notice the absence of The Weid Lovemakers on your Legends page. Shame on you! (Okay, this is one man's humble opinion). I hope your website enjoys great success! Get some more photos on there! I love the photos on the site. Nice work. Cheers, Elwood, Fall 2003

Hi there - Glad to find your site with some updates on Dave Slutes. I've been a fan since the Sidewinders' "Witchdoctor" release and have followed him through the Sand Rubies incarnation ... Was wondering what he's up to now... I see the mention of The Zsa Zsas, but no idea if they do albums, just live cover songs, or what. Any info you could provide would be great.  Thanks! Andy, Winter 2003 [Andy, check out our page on the ZsaZsas! - editor]

Hello- I thought I would introduce myself and present Black Sun Ensemble for the Legends catagory. Although Black Sun has had several infamous incedents in the past, the band is about to celebrate its 20th year and was one of three bands from Tucson to be invited to SXSW this year. (Calexico, Amor, Black Sun) We are very active and have a strong following all over the world, have been reviewed in publications from Rolling Stone magazine to the Sunday London Times and have some interesting stories along the way. *Black Sun opened for Camper Van Beethoven on the Key Lime Pie Tour *Heather McCartney was a big Black Sun fan, got arrested with them in LA & passed a Tarot card with her father's number for a non-incarcerated band member to phone home. *Jesus was a good friend of Rainer and has some great stories about the Chicago Store. If you are interested in doing something, I could provide a more comprehensive bio. Your also welcome to visit www.blacksunensemble.com. Thanks for your consideration, Brian Maloney. Spring 2004 [it's on our list! -- Editor]

I met you at Sean and Greg's party- & then met again when you recognized Cappy, Sean's dog outside The Cup... well although one could say I am slower than the average bear, I just failed to realize your project you told us to check out is really coming along! Congrats and hope to see you around :) - CV Fall 2003

From: [name withheld]@aol.com
Subject: Re: Looking for decent live music
To: cia@tucsonunderground.com
Hello again,
Thanks for the info and the calendar. I'll print it off, and put it on the wall at work for everyone to see. We all work for the Royal Air Force, and our pilots are coming across to do some shit with your pilots for a couple of weeks, so we thought we'd tag along and slack off and drink beer for a while. Came across last year, but nobody knew where to go. So this time I thought I'd do a bit of groundwork! Keep an eye out for us, I'm sure you'll know us when you see us! Thanks again for your help mate, I'll be in touch when we get there!
[name withheld]
PS - I found your website by a lucky guess. "hmmmm, no doubt Tucson has an underground scene. Let's see what it brings back when I try "www.tucsonunderground.com" Nice one! Great site by the way! - Winter 2003

make origami
out of your speeding tickets:
expensive fine art
--Gordon Moyer, Fall 2003

I can not belive the painfully missing componenets of the underground scene !!!!! wheres Flam Chen the international fire theater troop based here that happens to be a major part of the Tucson arts coalition... how about the tucson arts coalition? or Biccas? Or Matt bevel Studio? Or Mole Hill Orkestra? Day of the dead? (Dia De Los Muertos?) Satori? Clown Band? Puppet works? The old Fine Line and Dick... who ask and hard core undergrounder in this city is the grandfather of all undergrounf here... including asylum you know the owner and djs there all got there start at the old fine line. How about Rock Horror and Hedwig? Sureal productions and there raves that are asstounding? your welcome to harvest links from my yahoo group and read back posts... good fodder for you I think.
keep up the good work- GiGi-D L'Amour Winter 2003

Hi, Cia:
The website is looking great these days! But, a friendly suggestion: you
need to feature Craig Schumacher at Wavelab studio. He has recorded
EVERYONE, seen EVERYTHING, and is a very nice man, though very BUSY....he
truly deserves top billing, in both the 'studio' and 'legend' sections of
your site. He is not a hipster, so won't promote himself through the usual channels.
TUCSONUNDERGROUND just ain't complete without him. I'm sure he'd let you
come in and do a shoot sometime while he's working (or just posing at the
board). Hope my face on the front page ain't scarin' off too many new viewers.
If you get a chance to upload anymore shots from awhile back, please do.
Take care, and thanks again for everything.
- Hank Topless, Fall 2003

With somber and tormented apologies to Clement C. Moore

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through our house was blasting the "St. Vitus Dance" by Bauhaus; Torn fishnets were draped on my forearms with care, And two cans of Aquanet applied to my hair; My thoughts were of graveyards, and horror and dread, Black visions of pain and despair in my head; And Bianca, whose face was as pale as the moon, Had thrown up her arm for this evening's swoon, When out by the gravestones there came such a clatter, I sprang from the coffin to find out the matter. Away to the window I flew like a ghost, Expecting to find a dark devilish host. The moon on the breast of the uncaring snow Threw ominous shadows on objects below, When, before my tormented eyes did traverse, But a gorgeous black Crane & Breed carved-panel hearse, With a gaunt, shrouded driver, who filled me with fear, And eight skeletal creatures that might have been deer. More rapid than vultures his coursers they came, And his deep Andrew Eldritch voice called them by name; Now, Murphy! Now, Morgoth! Now, Torment and Woe! On, Dreadful! On, Lovecraft! Mephisto and Poe! To the top of the gravestones where fog wisps its breath! With a weight on my soul I consign you to death! As dead leaves that before hellish hurricanes fly, When they flutter like giant bats' wings to the sky, So up to the crypt-top the coursers they leapt, While dearest Bianca, like death, still but slept. And then, to my horror, I heard on the roof The clicking and scratching of each bone-white hoof. As I drew in my arm, and was whirling around, Down the ebony chimney he came without sound. He was clad all in black, and he looked oh-so-goth, A billowy ensemble of crushed velvet cloth; His boots were knee-high, quite buckled and zipped, And the Spandex and fishnets 'round his legs were ripped. His eyes glowed with bluish fire, deathly and cold, A black eye-liner'd face neither youthful nor old. A broad lipless mouth drawn with torment and hurt, And his sorrowful face was as white as my shirt. A smoldering cigarette tight in his grasp, Its smoke curling eerily 'round his cloak clasp; His gaunt frame was topped with long ebon hair, And a sharp scent of brimstone and cloves choked the air. His arms were outspread in the shape of a cross, And I quailed when I saw him, feeling sorrow and loss; He narrowed his eyes with a twist of his head, And I felt the full weight of his angst and dread. He spoke not a word, but went straight to his task, Left some Dead Can Dance CD's; before I could ask, A single tear fell across his aquiline nose, And then, like an angel, up the chimney he rose; He sprang to his hearse, to his team he then hissed, And away they all drifted like early dawn's mist. But I heard him intone, ere he vanished from sight, "Gothic Christmas to all, and to all a good fright!" - Jae, Christmas 2003

Saw your ad on the back page of the weekly yesterday.
Love the site concept and design!
Hope to see a section for performance art in the future!
And venues for underground promoters to contact for space to produce one-time shows.
And nonprofit arts orgs.
And kink links.
And maybe I should volunteer (after the first of the year, it could be possible).
Thanks for your contribution toward keeping downtown from the hands of the greedy, republicans, and rich sanitizes and in the hands of the artists.
BTW, the link for The Meet Rack on the places page points to Plush.
p.s. Apologies for the "wounded superhero-speak..." don't know what's come over me. Must... get... red... b u l l . . . - Fall 2003

From: "John Falkenstine"
To: <editor@tucsonunderground.com>
Subject: Downtown Tucson
TUCSON DOWNTOWN SCENE [editor's note -- images were attached to this email and are not included due to time constraints but let me say John documented his points well.]

Great, Dynamic, Like the Bands, Good places to go but....some things SUCK and need fixin'

7 Black Cats Deteriorating and dirty store frontage.

Congress Street "Sharks" bar a total mess and deteriorating store frontage. Entire frontage of building damaged and stained by leaking swamp cooler.

Deteriorating store front resulting from lack of maintenance.

Public restroom in front of Congress Street business frontage. This is what is greeting people on "downtown visits this Sunday"

No comment needed....Nice and poopy.

Public Urinal on Congress Street

Leaking Cooler and unsanitary pigeon droppings.

Remodeling by homeless/transients and public ashtray.

A very unhappy business owner, disgusted with street appearance, and transients burning something in flower container, trash visible, originating from "internet store hangout."
* People visiting this fellow's store, and parents who drop their kids off to visit the store make ALL efforts to go Directly from the car TO the store. Parents are visibly concerned over their children. While I was taking the pictures, transients offered to sell me a cell phone.

Remodeling, courtesy of local transients. The local area reeks of cigarettes.
John Falkenstine
- Fall 2003