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The 440s

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The 440s at 7 Black Cats, Tucson, Summer 2002, above; Eleanor's recomnmendation on the bar at the Cats.


The 440s rule! They will blast the faint-of-heart right out the door, past the bouncer. Brave it for a classic dose. Lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Sperkle Plenty writes, "The 440s have been around since '97, and have been in Tucson since '01, after relocating from Philadelphia. We have toured the country numerous times, and are getting ready to leave again in June! The constant touring has given me numerous contacts for bands all across the country, which led me to my job at Vaudeville Cabaret, where I tend bar and do the booking on Sunday nights...called the Sunday Night Sugar Fix. It's mainly a punk rock/rock'n roll night, with the occasional country/eclectic show, where I try to mix touring bands with complimentary local acts and all have one big party! Tell everyone to come out and support it!"

Contact: sparkle440@qwest.net