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Emilie Marchand, top; Mona Chambers and Mike Bagesse, lower left; David Tracy and Noah Thomas, lower right.

images cia romano 2004

Moody, jazzy, experimentally "lounge," the Fashionistas are compelling from the first few notes. With sophisticated ease, they recently transformed Congress' new performance space into smoky cabaret, delivering standards and more with their own clear stamp. Fashionistas are a supergroup, featuring cellist Mona Chambers of Molehill Orkestrah, Noah Thomas (formerly of Libra de Grasa) on trumpet, Liberty School vets David Tracy and Michael Bagesse on bass and guitar
respectively, peripatetic drummer Dimitri Manos (Sugarbush, The Galactic Federation of Love,Tom Walbank) and the luminous Emilie Marchand on lead vocals. "It had a really nice, neighborly feel to it, didn't it?," said Marchand after the set. Fashionistas are totally fabu and totally down to earth all at once.

-- cia romano, spring 2004

Email thefashionistas@hotmail.com. Contact for booking: 520-444-7368 or emiliemarch@msn.com.