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Left and above, Manifold at 7 Black Cats, Tucson, Summer 2003.

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Manifold... a somehow orderly name for a study in controlled chaos. These atmospheric rockers make the floorboards heave like a deck in the gale, inhibition burned away. Their followers respond with abandon, emulating the bass player's supple joy -- watch as he almost disappears into the blur that's his instrument. Manifold knows the irony of being a Tucson band that gets more accolades elsewhere, but that's just us talking. Laconic singer/guitarist Todd Alexander claims to speak for no one but himself.


"Todd Alexander."


"I am male. I am a Gemini. My favorite color is blue. I sing and play guitar in a rock band called Manifold."


"I hate quotes."



Other co-conspirators:

"The United States Government."

Life story in brief:

"Ok. I was born, moved around some, went to school, ended up in Tucson, and now I play in a band. That pretty much sums it up."

How long in Tucson:

"Just about long enough. Long enough for what, I haven't figured out yet."

One word to describe Tucson:


What would you like to see happen on the local scene?

"i'd like to see all the great local Tucson bands get the exposure and recognition they deserve. We've been out there in lots of cities around the USA, and we can say from experience that Tucson has some of the best music out there, and some of the most talented and hard-working people you'll find anywhere. And people (including Tucsonans) need to know that."

Connecting points:

"Che's lounge, Congress, 7 Black Cats, Plush, The Shelter, basically anywhere I can drink."