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Not Breathing live at String Theory, Vaudeville, Fall 2003.


It's our privilege to live in a small city that boasts a disproportionately large amount of state-of-the-art electronica; Not Breathing is the gray eminence of Tucson's extensive wirehead scene. We met Not Breathing at one of our String Theory events, and received this email the next day. We've published it in its entirety.

howdy folks - was talking to someone involved with the tucson underground site at a concert last night at vaudville - i guess here is some info you might not know
of. some other artists in the areas you might want to list
would be flamchen and steve roach both who have great websites. i've lived here all most my whole life (time in san
fran and portland oregon in late 90s) - been playing out since round 93 - worked w/ then tingari flam chen, dpc/luna loca experimental scene - but am a total rekluse for many reasons

heres a brief bio and here are my webpages

www.notbreathing.com - my band
www.carrionsound.com - my instrument design gallery

not breathing, brief bio
Not Breathing is the creative vehicle of one Dave Wright, maker of experimental electronic music and instruments. Beginning at the year 1992 with an impressive and prolific series of self-distributed cassettes, Not Breathing'ss explosive career now encompasses five full-length CD releases, several vinyl releases, over forty compilation appearances, one 8-track release, five US tours and countless live performances. For the past six years Not Breathing has worked exclusively with Chicago's legendary industrial label Invisible Records, spawning three widely acclaimed CD albums as well as a collaboration with Dead Voices On Air. In 2003 Not Breathing changed to the Kimosciotic label home of acts such as CRACK:WAR, Zigenbock Kopf, Unagi and the Coachwhips

"Wright's a true American electronic gem." -Brainwashed

Not Breathing is renowned for driving, mind-altering live performances, often in collaboration with fire- or dance-performance troupes. Not surprisingly, they have been recruited as US tour support for bands including Einsturzende Neubauten, Test Department, Dead Voices On Air, Pigface, Sheep on Drugs, F.M Einheit, and Subarachnoid Space - while stand-alone performances have involved acts as diverse as Crash Worship and Cluster.

"Also on the bill was Not Breathing, a Tuscon team that effortlessly spun a mesmerizing stream of sound that metamorphosed from an icy ambient opening to a fiery, churning finale." --S.Masuo, LA Times

Although Not Breathing is Wright's brainchild, the band has also involved a wide array of talented peripheral members and guests, including Bruce Brindamour (Ledgerdemain), Drew Fitzgerald, Karl White (Metrognome/Asimetrix), Jesse Pepper, Ron Chmara, Seofon (Ambient Temple of Imagination), Kimoscio (Kimosciotic ), Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto), Chris Cones, (Earwicker), Mark Spybey (Dead Voices On Air/Zoviet France), and many others.

"[A] maelstrom of tenacious electronics that joyfully disrupts the sonic pathways. Infectious to the nth, as multiplied by a googol." -Outburn Magazine

As an accomplished electronics engineer, Wright is able to create instruments that deliver an absolutely unique spectrum of sound. Carrionsound.com - his online workshop/gallery of home-made noisemakers, circuit-bent toys, and modular synths - has inspired and frightened countless visitors. Wright's instruments reside in the studios of Nine Inch Nails, Meat Beat Manifesto, Dead Voices on Air, Pigface, Content Provider, Ambient Temple of Imagination, and more to come. An article written by Dave on creating a 2-bit sampler has appeared in two publications. Not Breathing's music also seamlessly incorporates acoustic sound sources including didjeridu, bells, and waterphone, flute, guitar, sitar, bells, gongs, drums, the rain on the roof, electromagnetic force feilds and plasma generators.

"[D]rove me into sheer hysteria, as Dave Wright pushed my buttons with chops the Îbig boys' forgot existed." -Ink 19

As if his prolific discography as Not Breathing weren't enough, Wright also has an extensive body of work as a collaborator and session musician. You can find Wright rubbing shoulders with Dead Voices on Air, Pigface, Meat Beat Manifesto, Flam-Chen, MSBR, Content Provider, Ambient Temple of Imagination, Personna, Lilith, Subarachnoid Space, Instagon, AA23, Kalma, Blazen y Sharp, Randy Yau, Crawl Unit, Earwicker, N. B. C., Then Tingari,Exterior Mirror, Hal McGee,Earwicker,Property Of Theives, Abintra. Not to mention being commissioned to remix artists such as Sheep on Drugs, Venetian Snares, My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, Pigface, Channel 69

"Not Breathing has some sort of strange addictive quality that I can't even pin-point.This is a bubbling, burbling, gurling, crazy electronic stew of strangeness closest to artists like the Orb and SuperCollider on one side, and the silly, surrealistic, short attention span concrete noise nature of A Small Good Thing and Violent Onsen Geisha on the other." -Supersphere

booking/more info:
Not Breathing Sound System
P.O. Box 64545
Tucson, AZ 85712 USA
www.kimosciotic.com <- currently signed to this label

dave wright