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Top, Sugarbush covers Amor, joint CD release party at Vaudeville, Fall 2003. Below, Sugarbush posse in action.

images cia romano 2003

Delirious staccato funkadelia from an anarchic and totally modern four-piece: Twins Dawn and Kee, Ryan Eggleston and Dimitri Manos. On a recent night at Vaudeville, the walls were heaving with the rabid passion of the band's fans. And everyone was there, including the most adoring fan crowd I've seen in a long while. Dawn and Kee are good times two, six feet of lanky and wistful and tough and sassy with heartbreakingly fineboned faces. Ryan pounded rhythmic velvet for the grrls, Dimitri grinned madly through an ecstatic set. The backstory is amazing -- conjoined twins separated at birth then reunited years later. Breakout? I say yes.

cia romano, fall 2003