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Ten Percenters

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Above: Vic Newman wails at the Solar Culture show; below, James fronts at Plush, Fall 2005.


They've been many bands, and the personnel shift, but the four friends now called the Ten Percenters travel close, like the stars in a cluster. Vic Newman (guitars and vocals), Morgan Schlaline (drums), James Roebuck (guitars and vocals) and Chris Morrison (drums) have played in bands such as Yellow Cabs and the well-loved Croutons. But Ten Percenters seems to be what they were meant to do all along. Propulsive, passionate without staginess, they're wonderfully tight and inventive at once. Idiosyncratic in a Cracker sort of way, the Ten Percenters have reached an effortlessness that reflects all the work that came before.

cia romano, fall 2005