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Vic Newman

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Vic, the Croutons Fundraiser with Looseleaf, Plush, Tucson, Spring 2003.

Vic Newman, bless him, came to Tucson on the weird little exodus from Illinois that brought us a number of other scenesters. We can't get him to reply to our interview because he thinks he is not worthy, so we'll speak for him. I first saw Vic play live in 1998, one of those rare happy occasions when a friend invites you to go see their band and they're actually good. That's when I realized that this self-effacing shy guy is talented as hell, sliding effortlessly from silly absurdist patter to dead-serious lead guitar. He's been one-half of The Croutons for a while now. (Go see them and buy them beers.) Vic also has that gap-toothed smile the girls love. Maybe now we've embarrassed him into replying.