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Vikas at 7 Black Cats, Summer 2003.

IMAGE 2003 cia romano

In Vikas Pawas' hands, psychedelia lives and mutates into something postmodern. A brilliant guitarist, Vikas does the masters as he demonstrates various virtuosities in one solo. Edgy, ironic, he seems restless in moving through bands such as Fez (with synth player wife Michelle Kushner), I Like Red, and now, Nowhere Man. Vikas is the provocateur in his circle of musical oddfellows (Yellowcabs/Croutons regulars such as Vic Newman, Morgan Schlaline and Chris Morrison), an act worth following.






"Staying Alive."


"Nowhere Man and his Awkward Band."

Other co-conspirators:

"Beth Holub - bass; Merritt Jacob - guitar; Michael Hummer - drums; Michelle Kushner - synth."

Born in:

"Bangkok, Thailand."

Life story in brief:

"Raised in Singapore, listened to bad Europop and bad 80's hair metal; moved to Hawaii for a year and then Upstate NY to attend college. Played in alot of bad rock bands and one good rock band, Lazarus Go Home, (Endless Records, 1995). Moved to Tucson in 1996, played in Fez, Trailer Park Mark and the Wheels, and The Beating."

How long in Tucson:

"Seven years."

One word to describe Tucson:

"Pollo Feliz."

What would you like to see happen on the local scene?

"More venues (with good sound systems!), more folks who like original music."

Connecting points:

"Fourth Ave and Congress, where else?"


"Free mp3s and full-length albums available at www.ilikered.com. Listen to KXCI. Go watch The Croutons. Lazarus Go Home: self-titled (1995) Fez: Live in the Cat House (1999) Monument to Love (200?) Trailer Park Mark and the Wheels: Roll with the Best (2001) The Beating: self-titled (2002) Nowhere Man: Considered to Tear (2003)."