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The Red Room at The Grill

The Red Room by daylight; Tom Walbank at the Red Room, Summer 2003.

IMAGES Cia Romano 2003

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Congress Street
Tucson, AZ

A section of the infamous Grill, this small room is popular amongst local performers for the we're-playing-in-your-living-room feel. You can see performers like Tom Walbank, Cum & Go, Topless Opry, The Croutons, and Satori at booth-length while partaking of Grill fare -- and the outstanding beer list chalked on the board at the back. Appearances by acerbic Grill maestro Matt make the whole thing that much stranger. Add the east wall of mirrors and you're lost in red. And it's free if you get Tater Tots.

-Cia Romano, Fall 2003

Club denizens 411:

Incredibly, Red Room shows are free with a meal or selection off the Grill menu. Get there early for the in-the-band seating.

Drinks and music:

See the Grill for details.

Friendly words of advice:

Expect the possibility of a self-absorbed boothful obliviously blocking your view all evening unless you get there early for a popular show. Don't be shy about moving your seat. Matt and crew will make sure you get your drinks.

Unique features:

Truly awesome beer list and conoisseurship. Would that the wine selection were the same but hell, it's a diner.

Past lives:

In business continually since 1921 in various incarnations. See the Grill for more.


Jim Howell books bands.