"tucson underground"
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scenesters / ld

LD being serene at the Southwest Fetish Ball, Tucson, Winter 2004.

imageŠ cia romano 2004

The best story we know about LD is the one about how she scared off two carjackers-in-progress with nothing more than attitude and better smarts. Carjacker (in car with LD's head pinned): 'I'm gonna blow your @#$% head off!" LD: "No you ain't, bitch!" The 'jackers were so startled that they bungled the heist. That's LD in a nutshell, a feisty Native American who'll set you straight and leave you spinning. LD's a PhD-candidate linguistic anthropologist, a throaty blues singer, and the force behind RightTime Productions. She can make you laugh until you cry. Just don't try to steal her car.