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scenesters / snoopy

Snoopy's Battle of the Bands, 7 Black Cats, Tucson, Summer 2003.

IMAGE 2004 cia romano

Promoter Snoopy throws a great party, turning what could have been yet another local-band lineup into a capital-E event. Combining shrewd marketing smarts with the force of his own personality, Snoopy keeps the musicians in line and on time, while bantering with Tucson's notoriously tough-to-please club kids. "This is my living," he told me the night we met at the Hotel Congress' Tap Room. "People told me I was crazy when I started, but I've been making my living this way for seven years." Another local promoter had dissed Snoopy to me before our talk at the Tap Room, so I was watching for the signs. At the end of the hour, Snoopy had said many good things about local artists, given me story ideas, and had not said a negative word about anyone. In this music scene, where so many talk the collaboration talk then can't walk the walk, I'll let that speak for itself.