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scenesters / vanya

Vanya at Hazy Dayz afterhours, Summer 2003.

image: cia romano 2003

Just seeing Vanya in the room -- any room -- is a relief. You know that at least one person in the room will be an adult of the best kind. (You're especially glad to see him at Che's.) We met Vanya at an AZSessions broadcast at Drake Ballroom, being chill around the fire barrel, observing that his daughter's the age of some of the pretty girls that are drawn to the crew. It's a quiet, humorous observation, the kind you get used to hearing from him. You can have a long, intelligent conversation with him, or be completely silly. Good either way. Vanya runs systems at Pima, astutely observes the world with understatement, and is a well-loved part of one of Tucson's extended "families," the one that includes AZSessions.